Asian Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Asian cat is the most sociable and friendly, elegant, sociable and affectionate, clever and obedient, docile and intelligent. It is found only in Asia.

It is ideal for the maintenance at home, for families with small children, who spend most of the time at home. Asian cat gets along well with relatives and other domestic animals, including dogs. The cat is not intrusive, devoted to its master and is bound to him during the whole life which usually lasts about 14 years.

How Much Does an Asian Cat Cost and Price Range

As for the price of this great animal, then you should be ready to pay about $1000 for the kitten. It is recommended to discover all information about the breeder before purchasing a pet as you should look at the parents of your kitten.

Asian Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

For Asians the body can be characterized as an average size, strong bones and well developed muscles. The representatives of this breed have good body proportions, rounded breasts, beautiful topline, tight stomach. They weigh from 5 to 8 kg. The muzzle is neat with soft lines, distinct cheekbones pronounced chin.

Ears Asians mostly wide, set high, located on the head far enough away from each other, the ends have a slight tilt forward. Asian eyes are large and expressive. It allowed only a yellow or amber color of the iris. Limbs are of a medium length. The tail is long, tapering to an end. Coat color can be almost anything.

Asian Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Asian cat is mobile, plastic, graceful, enough smart. It is easy to get along with dogs and other pets. The main characteristics of the breed are dedication, charisma and compliant character.

Asian cats love human company, they are very playful that makes them indispensable favorite of the whole family. In addition, they do not require special care, easy in taking care of them, tolerate about loneliness.They are very friendly, get used to people easily and are tied to the owner for the whole life. They also do not like to change their place of residence, but if the owner is nearby, they are ready for everything.

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