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Marketing Research

Compare and research Marketing Research companies and businesses online.
Digital Firefly Marketing helps businesses and brands get found on the Internet by employing the following services: • Search Engine Optimization • Pay-per-click Advertising • Content Marketing • Social...
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BusinessOnline is an enterprise digital marketing agency offering: search engine optimization/organic search services; paid search (pay-per-click) / search engine marketing services; social media optimization and...
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Winsper strives to help its clients turn red ink into black by providing solutions and services that have measurable positive economic impact on their business, including: Enterprise Marketing ROI, Customer...
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JGSullivan Interactive specializes in national brand channel marketing challenges, including: • Revenue Growth & Marketing ROI • Cost Control & Operational Efficiency • Field Brand & Compliance Control • Field...
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B2B Marketing Research with strategy decisions in mind. Using our propietary tools we focus our research engagements on high value information. Online and phone survey, executive interviews, and qualitative depth...
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Tartan Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency that helps its clients energize their brands and grow their businesses. Tartan believes in a fully-integrated approach—one that combines smart strategy with...
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Jivaldi is a digital agency providing web and mobile development, design & creative direction, marketing consulting, strategy & execution, and analytics.
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Catalyst believes that optimizing client brands and their communications is today’s imperative. The agency consults with mid-market, global B2B clients at times of growth and/or transition to help create connections...
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Doremus specializes in business communications and helping companies align their communications with their business objectives. It does this by leveraging a unique understanding of the complexity of their industries...
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Faction Media is a digitally-grounded marketing agency that takes an uncommon approach to finding common ground between Fortune 1,000 companies and their customers, overcoming marketing challenges with measurable,...
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Marketing Research Products

Market Research
Jackson Marketing Group
Fact over intuition. This is how JMG Market Research has helped clients create efficient, effective marketing efforts for maximum impact, strategically align their distribution and marketing priorities and find chinks in their competitors' armor. Our research... Read more ›
Social Media Marketing
Our B2B social media capabilities go beyond monitoring, listening, participating and helping our clients lead discussions. We think of social media as an extension of your brand. Social media can help you learn how your customers feel about you, develop... Read more ›
Customer Satisfaction Research
B2B International USA Inc
Most businesses lose around half of their customers every 5 years. What’s more, attracting a new customer can cost up to twenty times more than retaining an existing customer. Looking at these two facts, it is not difficult to see why a mere 5% reduction in... Read more ›